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FXR Mobile Medical

With all this racing talk, we couldn’t ignore some of the people that help keep the racers safe
FXR Mobile Medical ISOC Kaden Woodie Evan Daudt
Thomas Paull, Julie Parsons, Kaden Woodie, Evan Daudt, Amy Metiva, Christy Vanada and Dr. Kenneth Parsons.
A January Saturday night in Deadwood, SD. ISOC Snocross was in town and there were races going on all weekend. Nineteen-year-old Kaden Woodie was competing in the Sport class.

Woodie was in a group, passing just in front of the crowded stands when he fell off his sled and was run over by another. The studded-track of the passing sled ripped into Woodie’s face through his helmet. With half of his body buried in the snow, Woodie lay on the track. He was not moving.

Members of the ISOC Operations crew along with Woodie’s own parents came together to create a human shield so attendees were not able to see what was going on. Nobody knew what shape Woodie was in.

The first two people on the scene were Dr. Kenneth Parsons and Thomas Paull from the FXR Mobile Medical team.
FXR Mobile Medical ISOC Thomas Paull, Amy Metiva
Thomas Paull and Amy Metiva on the hill at Grand Geneva.
Since 2016, ISOC Snocross has been joined by a group of medical professionals who donate their time to travel with the racing series. The group was spearheaded by Jake Vanada, who some of you might know from his work at Chaplain for Motocross and Supercross circuits.

Thomas Paull had been an EMT with a fire department for over 30 years. He now works a day-job keeping companies up to date on standard safety protocols. He’s been a life-long hockey fanatic and still finds time to referee a couple hundred games every year. The fact that he can also commit to working as the EMT for the Mobile Medical team and drive the truck and trailer to every ISOC event only proves how much he loves what he does.

“I get to do this, I don’t have to,” he said. While we were standing on top of the hill at Grand Geneva Resort, he had to run down, mid-conversation, to catch up with a small accident near the bottom. When he finally got back up, he told me how he loves being one of the first to get to the action.

He gets his adrenaline fix doing what most people are afraid of. While he’s a fan of snowmobiling, that adrenaline-junky mentality never translated into racing. He was a late-bloomer when it came to snowmobiles and didn’t start riding until he was in his late 20s.
FXR Mobile Medical ISOC Amy Metiva, Malene Andersen
Amy Metiva helping Pro Am Women rider Malene Andersen in the trailer.
Paull told me the community of racers and families associated with ISOC are like nothing he’s ever seen before. The way they treat other riders and how the teams are out there to compete but also willing to help anyone else, make it seem more like a big family than a racing league.

Within 20 minutes of hanging out back in the trailer, three riders came in to get taped up by athletic trainer, Amy Metiva. She’s pretty popular among ISOC racers and has attracted a few loyal followers.

Metiva explained to me that since it is the end of the season, a lot of racers have been dealing with small, nagging injuries and soreness. Sometimes before she can even get back to the trailer between races, she’ll have a couple people lined up, waiting to get the signature treatment they’ve grown accustomed to.

Metiva has an almost equally cool gig during ISOC’s off-season when she gets to work as athletic trainer/EMT for the Supercross/Motocross circuit on the AlpineStars Mobile Medical team.
FXR Mobile Medical Dr. Kenneth Parsons
Dr. Kenneth Parsons overlooking the track during the Ram Trucks Snocros Grand Finale at the Grand Geneva resort in Lake Geneva, WI.
Dr. Kenneth Parsons is the medical director for the team and has plenty of other initials after his name to prove his expertise in treating trauma. Parsons got into the business of ISOC when his son showed an interest in racing and even took part in the traveling circuit for a while.

Back to the injured Kaden Woodie: After fracturing his nose, cheekbone and eye-socket, the care that FXR Mobile Medical gave him on the track helped control the serious bleeding long enough so Woodie could make it to a local hospital and into surgery. Woodie was back out on the track - with the blessing and support of his parents - about a month later.
FXR Mobile Medical ISOC snocross
Polaris donated this RZR to the team, who dubbed it the "Rapid Response Ranger."
The Woodies are such fans of FXR Mobile Medical they raffled off a racing sled and donated the money to the team.

After hanging out long enough, I realized what a great community these racers, teams, support crews and fans really are. There wasn’t any animosity between racers and everyone mingled in the same areas. You don’t see that with other sports. When I got out of my car in the general parking lot, I looked up and Tucker Hibbert’s truck was right next to me. Could you imagine going to an NBA game and parking next to a player?

Former AMSOIL Championship Snocross assistant race director, Jake Vanada, was prompted to start this organization after seeing first-hand how the Alpinestar Mobile Medical worked within the Supercross and Motocross industry. In his new role as the MX and SX Chaplain, Vanada consulted the Alpinestars Mobile Medical director, Tom Carson, and it became clear the sport of Snocross could greatly benefit from a similar program.
Jake Vanada spearheaded the operation to build the FXR Mobile Medical team. He is president of the SMMT and his wife Christy is the medical coordinator for the team.
To make this a reality, Vanada formed a board of industry leaders including Sara Schultz (wife of “Monster” Mike Schultz), Trace Leighton (Leighton Motorsports), Levi Lavallee and Jesse Strege (20 year veteran snocross racer, assistant race director with ISOC) have all stepped up to serve alongside Vanada to help launch this medical team for the industry.

Check out the short video with the team below!
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