Is It Time to Service Your Shocks?

Pay attention to these signs of snowmobile suspension trouble
FOX Float 3 EVOL snowmobile shock service
The need to service your snowmobile shocks can easily get lost in the anticipation of another snow season. Here are three telltale signs your shocks need some affection.

1. Visible exterior damage – If your shocks are dented on the outside, what do you think the inside looks like? Rings and seals can wear unevenly with each stroke of the shock, which will have you losing performance in no time.

2. Leakage – All shocks (even air shocks) contain oil. If you find oil dripping from your shock body, that’s a sign there’s definitely an issue. Have them serviced or replaced ASAP.

3. Sled squat – If you feel that your sled sags significantly just from sitting on it, you most likely have a shock problem. If you have adjustable shocks and/or a combo of coil-over springs, start by making sure your buddies didn’t mess with your setup, and then move on to inspecting all your shocks for either of the two items mentioned above. There’s a good chance shock service is in your future.

Shock retailers and repairs:
FOX Shocks
800-369-7469 x4619

Hygear Suspension

Elka Suspension
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