Top 10 Snowmobile Travel Tips

Whether trailering your sleds to snow or renting upon arrival, this is some sound advice!
snowmobile travel tips West Yellowstone Montana
Kort Duce photo
The November 2016 issue of American Snowmobiler includes a travel section totally devoted to cool places to go and fun things to do. So we AmSnow editors all thought it would be appropriate to put together a quick list of things not to forget, last-minute checks and other travel trips mostly based on innocent mistakes we’ve made over the years. Enjoy!

1. Make a list! Include all the essentials, like your selfie stick, Red Bull, Bud Light, etc. Seriously though, when you get up to the cabin and realize you forgot your boots, you’ll be wishing you had made a list of important items and checked it twice.

2. Check your trailer at least one day before you leave. Nobody likes having to make last-second electrical repairs, change a tire or lube bearings while everyone else heckles you from the truck.

3. Bring your phone charger.
Your significant other has already stopped believing that you forgot it again and your phone was dead the entire trip.

4. Fire up the sleds before you leave. Get them warmed up and do a quick “once over” on all the usual maintenance items. But definitely make sure they are at least running BEFORE you try to put them on the trailer.

5. Someone else will forget stuff, so bring spare belts, tires, plugs, goggles, and any other must-haves. Feel free to charge your buddies (or at least razz them continuously) when they have to borrow stuff from you!

6. Zip ties and Ziplocs! Zip ties and Ziploc bags can save you from many horrible situations on the trail, in the truck, or in the trailer.

7. Go Monday through Friday, if you can. Trails and riding areas are pretty empty during the week, and hotel rates are often cheaper in vacation areas.

8. Bring an extra set of truck keys. This is self explanatory. Also, keep your keys in the same safe place every time, like the inside pocket of your jacket or a designated area in your bag. You won’t forget them this way.

9. Be flexible, but be prepared.
Stuff is going to go wrong … on a snowmobile trip, something always does! But that is part of the fun.

10. Always have a first-aid and safety kit with you.
Whether you are on the road in the truck, or riding down the trail on your sled, it’s a good idea to make sure someone in the group has a first-aid kit and some level of emergency training, just in case.
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