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VIDEO: Snowmobile Pulls Wakeboarder Across Lake

The Demon Machine has been modified to tackle any conditions or terrain
Trevor Erickson drives the Demon Machine cross-terrain snowmobile on water
Trevor Erickson pilots the Demon Machine.
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Pro wakeboarder Braxton Tomlinson gets serious air while being towed behind the Demon Machine snowmobile
Pro wakeboarder Braxton Tomlinson gets some serious air as he's pulled behind the Demon Machine, a Polaris 600 racing snowmobile that was converted into a cross-terrain vehicle.
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Imagine a sled that you can ride all year round, on all types of terrain. It does exist, and it’s called the Demon Machine. Basically, it’s a snowmobile that’s been converted to run in all seasons, on snow, dirt, sand and water.

Trevor Erickson, the owner and builder of the Demon Machine, purchased a used Polaris 600 snocross machine in 2007. He had heard of people attempting to put wheels on a snowmobile before, but he was curious whether it could be done without hindering the vehicle’s performance. Glenn Floyd from Zbroz Racing agreed to help Erickson build a prototype set of A-arms that would have the correct geometry to support a wheel kit.

“Much to my surprise, it worked better than expected,” said Erickson. “And now I had a great desire to make the rest of the sled work for any conditions, year-round.”

So the Demon Machine was born. Another of Erickson’s modifications involved adding a radiator to the front of the sled to help keep it cool.
Trevor Erickson pilots the Demon Machine snowmobile and pulls pro wakeboarder Braxton Tomlinson
Trevor Erickson hydroplanes the Demon Machine, pulling pro wakeboarder Braxton Tomlinson behind him.
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Trevor Erickson Demon Machine snowmobile pro wakeboarder Braxton Tomlinson Kurtis Downs
Trevor Erickson on the Demon Machine, Braxton Tomlinson on the wakeboard, Kurtis Downs driving the boat, and the drone in the air to capture all of the action.
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Since its creation, the Demon Machine has been entered in many desert races, including Vegas to Reno (the longest desert race in America), where it reached speeds well over 100 mph. It has also appeared in a cross-country snowmobile race, motocross tracks across the U.S., motorcycle hillclimbs, single-track off-roading, sand dunes (including Glamis), and even on pavement as a commuter vehicle.

“The cross-terrain vehicle continues to impress me in every condition or challenge we present it to,” said Erickson. “We are not only impressed, we realize that cross-terrain vehicles’ limitations are usually because of the pilot, not its capability. We've also participated in mud bog events. You can imagine it did very well; water is not an issue, with or without the tires.”

Normally, the vehicle sports wheels for racing on dirt, but skis were the better option for its recent stunt on the water. This past summer, Erickson teamed up with Rebel Miniquads in an attempt to pull off something really cool: using the Demon Machine to pull pro wakeboarder Braxton Tomlinson across a lake in Utah. BMX Pro and Nitro Circus athlete Kurtis Downs was also involved. His job was to drive a ski boat in the opposite direction, creating a wake large enough for Tomlinson to successfully execute a super-maneuver.
It took a full day and a lot of crashes before they finally pulled off a perfect run. Check out the video below to see some of the GoPro and drone footage:

Trevor Erickson drives cross-terrain snowmobile The Demon Machine
The Demon Machine can handle all types of terrain and conditions. Can you say that about your sled?
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Trevor Erickson Demon Machine pro wakeboarder Braxton Tomlinson
Trevor Erickson and pro wakeboarder Braxton Tomlinson post for a photo op at the end of the day.
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The snowmobile that participated in the wakeboard project has logged nearly 1,800 miles in the dirt, and it has driven from an elevation of 0 feet on dirt to 10,000 feet on snow. That same chassis is going into its third snowmobile season, having driven 12 months out of the year in every type of weather condition without having to travel to find optimal weather conditions.

“My favorite fact is the machine has also been used for many fundraisers and to help youth in need,” said Erickson. “I'm not exactly sure how much money it has raised, but it has definitely helped many families in difficult situations.”

Even with a wheel kit on, the Demon Machine rides and feels a lot like a snowmobile, so it’s a great way for sledding athletes to train during the offseason. Levi LaVallee has raced the vehicle around his own motocross track and absolutely loved it.

“Over the past couple of years, we've been developing what we hope will be a kit that people can use to gain more use out of the awesome performance that snowmobiles are capable of,” said Erickson. “Currently, the conversion from snow to dirt only takes about 90 minutes.”

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