1970 Trail King

The snowmobile that goes and goes and goes ...
1970 Trail King
Maybe it wasn’t the catchiest slogan, but in 1970 this was sold as the energizer bunny of snowmobiles … it keeps going, and going, and going.

The sleds were made by Lionel Enterprise Inc. in Quebec for Trail King International in Portland, Michigan. Lionel Inc. also made Sno Prince snowmobiles so Trail Kings were more or less a clone of Sno Prince sleds. But the Trail King still had its own features that were pretty darn neat!

■ 1970 Trail King
Trail Kings were offered in seven different models. The Standard 15 came with a Sachs 277cc single cylinder 15 hp motor and had a 16-inch rubber track. The Deluxe 15 came with more options, but still the Sachs 277cc 15 hp motor with a 16-inch rubber track. In the picture is a Super 399 which came with a Kohler 399cc twin cylinder engine making 24 hp, and it had an 18-inch rubber track. The Kohler engine was center mounted right in front of the driver. A Trail King Super could also be ordered and had a Hirth Honker 793cc 3-cylinder racing engine making 80 hp. This sled had the larger 18-inch rubber track as well, but I am not 100% positive that one of these was ever actually made. It sure would be sweet to have or see one now!

The Trail King had a spring-loaded trailing bogie wheel rear suspension system that helped give it a nice ride. Also there was seating for two adults, with an underseat storage compartment and side handles for passengers to hang on to. Positive braking was done with a band over a drum that sits between the driven clutch and chaincase, and the brake had easy-moving fingertip control.

The muffler was in the front belly pan and the fuel tank was in the front of the seat between your legs. Capacity was said to be 5 gallons for the tank, but when refueling you had to watch out or you could get fuel all over the seat.
1970 Trail King
The "deckles,’’ or decals here in the states, were cool on the hood. Also, the speedometer could be installed with the needle going backwards compared to other snowmobile speedometers. Decals on the ignition switch were in both French and English. It came with twin 40-watt headlights with an oversized big chrome bumper. The hinged, strong, lightweight fiberglass hood allowed for easy access to service the engine and other components.

Trail King specialized in the sale of leisure vehicles like six-wheel amphibious ATVS, mini-bikes and wheel systems that could be fitted on a snowmobile. Trail King had wheel kits for front and rear for year round fun on these sleds. They were sold at Woolworth Department stories too!

Unfortunately there was a poor winter in 1970, making sales slow for Trail King so they still had 1970 models for sale two years later in 1972. After liquidations of all of the 1970 Trail Kings the company would retire from the snowmobile market.

This was such a unique and good looking snowmobile though!
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