1971 Skiroule RTX Racer

Reader and super-enthusiast Joseph Marks was bitten by the Skiroule-bug ... and it might be terminal!
1971 Skiroule RTX Racer
You could really let off some steam on the tracks in the early 1970s with this little green racer. This particluar sled is a full restoration of an RTX, which was a very limited build of roughly only 100, with the 340 CCW F/A engine.
This 1971 Skiroule RTX Racer took over three years to completely restore, but if you ask Mr. Marks, it goes back a lot further than that.

Start of a great time
Joseph Marks’ uncle Dave bought his first Skiroule new in 1972. It was an RTX with a 440 Sachs that he still has today. About 15 years ago, Marks had a friend who got into snowmobiling and was looking for someone to sled with. Uncle Dave helped out and got his ’72 Skiroule running again so nephew Joseph could use it. Marks has been hooked on Skiroules ever since.

He and his uncle have acquired and worked on about 10 Skiroules since then, along with collecting numerous parts and memorabilia. The sled that always seemed to evade them was an RTX Racer and Marks felt like he HAD to have one.
1971 Skiroule RTX Racer
About three years ago on his 27th birthday, Marks put an ad out in a vintage snowmobile forum, testing the waters to see if he could find a Skiroule ’71 – ’72 RTX Racer. Chances were slim, since they only built about 600 of them during that period and some of the restored ones were going for almost $8,000. To his surprise, he got a hit. A gentleman by the name of Keith Ackerman from mid-state New York responded and had about a “half of a racer” to sell.

From his home in central Pennsylvania, Marks was able to make arrangements to pick up the partial sled.

All in all, Marks invested over $6,000 into the sled, but has all original parts. In order to get his hands on parts he solicited folks from five states and Canada.
1971 Skiroule RTX Racer
Rare is good, & bad
Of the 600 or so RTX Racer sleds produced from 1971-72, only about 100 of them had the 340 CCW F/A that Marks’ sled has. That made things a little more difficult. Some parts – like the fuel tank – were “as rare as hens teeth,” as Marks puts it.

This original, restored RTX Racer, although it is one of a hundred, won’t be a garage-queen. Marks plans on taking it out on the snow as soon as he can. Living in central Pennsylvania, he knows he might have to wait a bit, but he’s excited about actually getting out and using this piece of snowmobiling history.
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