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It’s safe to say that most of us guys (and gals) love our garages, but hate hauling stuff. If we had it our way we would snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, fish, boat, etc. from our own yard. However, that isn’t realistic for the vast majority of us and hauling and storing our toys is a necessary evil. Thankfully people are constantly coming up with new and interesting products to help us conquer this evil.

Here we have just a few cool products and tips to make this part of your life a little easier.
Karavan’s New Raptor Trailers
SEEMS THESE DAYS even the trailer market is heating up with all kinds of new products. Karavan Trailers of Fox Lake, Wis., recently introduced a new line of “Raptor” trailers. These come in a large array of sizes from smaller 12-foot tilt rigs to 22-foot V-front drive-on/drive-off trailers. 

Raptors come with tons of standard features, including 3,750-lb. torsion axles, galvanized axle bodies and arms and Sure Lube hubs. You’ll also get full-length tie-down channels and roller guided ramps for the V-front trailers. These ramps have a roll-out assembly that allows for locking the ramp and eliminates ramp rattling. Raptor trailers also have hybrid frame technology with an aluminum outer shell with galvanized base frame. The floor has a full base frame and floor material is optional. 

One feature we really like, and that makes these stand out, is the ability to choose a new durable, easy to use HDPE plastic floor with integrated ski guides, track mats, and traction cleats. You also can choose up to a 3/4-inch plywood floor. An assortment of accessories are available too, including brake kits, aluminum rims, half-turn tie-down clamps and more. Caps also will be available soon for several models. 

The AmSnow crew has one of these trailers to test come winter so keep an eye out for us at shows, events, and on the road so you can see one of the coolest newest trailers on the market! More info:
Triton goes Camo and Custom!
FOR SNOWMOBILERS WHO also happen to be avid hunters and outdoorsmen, Triton Trailers has a new color option, Hunters Camo!

Triton now offers the Realtree Hardwoods ­­Camouflage pattern on the aluminum skin of any new Triton TC series (Dec. 2009, p. 64) trailer, or any fully enclosed Triton trailer, including its most popular 7-foot wide series (Dec. 2010, p. 5), or any coverall. The Realtree camouflage skin is popular with all kinds of outdoor sports lovers.

This camo skin will stand out from the trailers your buddies have and will blend in once you’re in the woods. Triton trailers are always a great way to get your machines, gear and more to where you enjoy the great outdoors. In addition to the camo skin Triton is offering custom color decal kits (pronounced “deckle” if you have Canadians in your family like us). With these kits you can match your sleds, trailer, and tow vehicle and look like a professional race team! 

The kits include decals for the sides, V-front and rear of your enclosed trailer. Four color schemes are available and the end tabs on the Triton decal will be in the kit and it is adhered to the original decal to change the tab color. The kit can be bought and installed in the field or you can have it factory installed.

The decal kits are the same size for every trailer. See a Triton dealer for more details. More info:
Double Mount Helmet Bay
FROM THE GUYS at SledTech, this unit can be mounted in your enclosed trailer or garage. It holds two helmets along with gloves, goggles, bibs, jackets and more on the underside garment rack. Dimensions are 28x16 inches and 12 inches high. Cost is $114.95. More info:
TuffRail Mounting System
TUFFRAIL IS A NEW commercial grade cargo management system with premium stainless steel components, high-grade aluminum and superior craftsmanship. Each mounting or profile rail piece consists of several multi-position locking points where the TuffPin can anchor the tie-down for whatever load you may be hauling.

Each profile rail is mounted wherever you deem fit on your truck or trailer and then the TuffPin inserts into the T-slot of the rail at the ends or into insertion points that are equally spaced along the rail. Once inserted the TuffPin slides securely within the T-slot. Then the TuffPin can be lined up with the load and locked into position at locking points along the rail. By simply installing the rails at strategic locations you’ll never have to search for a tie-down point again. This saves time and allows for greater flexibility.

Built into each rail are heavy-duty channels or T-slots with multi-position locking points to manage where you would like a tie-down point. TuffRail is available in preconfigured lengths of 1, 4, 6 or 8 feet, and custom sizing up to 12 feet. Every foot of TuffRail has four possible load securing points as well as one TuffPin insertion point.

TuffRail is designed to provide versatility and robust tie-down points to secure cargo. Its free rotating swivel will not apply undue strain at odd angles when securing a heavy load. TuffRail uses a low-profile design, and is available in bare, black, or custom finishes. TuffRail is made in the U.S. with a limited lifetime warranty. More info:
Caliber Flex and Edge Glides & Trailer Configurator
THESE CALIBER PRODUCTS simplify the entire sled trailering experience.

First, loading and unloading sleds off the front the a V-front trailer is made easy with Flex Glides. These guide your sled’s skis correctly towards and down the ramp when driving off instead of having to pick up and jockey around the sled’s front-end. The glides protect your trailer from damage from ski carbides.

Flex Glides are made of strong HDPE plastic and the high versions are just more than 3 inches high and 5.5 inches wide. The glides are hinged and interlocking for easy installation into your trailer deck and are sold as a set of eight and come with stainless steel fasteners. Connecting eight Flex Glides equals 44 inches in length.

The glides are a must have for anyone with a V-front trailer to help preserve its traditional wood decking. Cost is $44.95 for an eight-piece set of high-profile glides and $39.95 for an eight-piece set of low-profile glides that are just more than an inch tall.

Next, the new Edge Glides provide a smooth transition from the ground to the edge of your trailer or ramp. These are perfect for tilt trailers, enclosed trailers with a front- or rear-integrated door/ramp system, or many other options. These high-impact HDPE plastic pieces won’t break, and if you somehow manage to disfigure them, there is a lifetime, Made in the USA, warranty.

The 9-inch width accommodates all ski stances and UTV/ATV tires. The slotted fastening system also allows for expansion and contraction so there won’t be any warping.

Lastly, Caliber has announced online software for detailed customization and visualization of how to accessorize your powersports trailer. This software tells you what options are available, how much product will be needed and more. You simply put in the format of your trailer, length and a few other bits of data. Pretty cool!

More info:
Sure Grip Dollies
THESE STEERABLE dollies are great for your shop, but also can be used for your trailer, or even crossing roads on the trail. Sleds can easily be driven under power with the two ski dollies on, or can be effortlessly rolled around your shop by hand with the rear track dolly underneath. These dollies have safety cables that go over the skis to secure them so they will stay put, even on grass, gravel roads, or that big crack in your driveway. Trailer ramps are no match for these dollies as the sled will go right up, protecting your trailer bed, ski runners along with driveways, lawns and garage floors. New for these dollies is a modified wheel design with a more durable ribbed reinforced center hub. There is a thicker shock absorbing center wheel core that delivers superior shock protection from trailer ramps and sudden impact. There also is a wider tread width for a larger footprint on soft terrain. Cost is $99.99 for a standard set and $139.95 for a wider mountain set. More info:
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