Alpha One Suspension May Prove a Boon to Small Riders

Arctic Cat's new monorail suspension is easy to handle
2020 Arctic Cat Alpha One
Although I am a staggering 5-foot-2 and 115 lbs. pounds of pure fury, wrestling a sled through the mountains all day isn’t exactly in my wheelhouse. I rely on finesse over force and a sled that is responsive to subtle rider input is my best friend.

Back up about 20 years and you’d find me wheeling a yellow whiskey wagon around the woods of Utah and Wyoming. I grew up riding a Ski-Doo through the REVolution of rider-forward designs, which taught me how to move around on a snowmobile to achieve what I needed it to do. After realizing my one and only growth spurt, I knew I needed a sled and setup that was sensitive to rider input to move through technical mountain terrain. I never thought a sled would be more responsive than a Gen4 850 Ski-Doo. Then I rode the Arctic Cat’s Alpha One that uses its monorail suspension.

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