2018 Polaris Titan XC 800

You want to ride it more! Versatile ‘bilers should pony up for this!
Polaris Titan XC 800
It is a versatile do-it-all-terrain vehicle, and it’s fun.

The new “extreme crossover” market has been around for a few years and the first real venture into this market space is the Titan XC. Ski-Doo has had the Expedition Extreme for a few years and Cat now has the Norseman X, but Polaris arguably has the best handle on this customer with what it has provided in the Titan. Why do I say that? Well, actually it is the test riders who have all unanimously liked the ride, feel and capability of this sled.

■ 20 inches of long-track never handled so well!
This track has a bigger footprint and more lug height than any sled in this category. The 20x155x1.8-inch Cobra is a utility user’s dream and the Alpha transmission gives you the option of H-L-N-R. Honestly, at times we forgot that we needed to use the lever to switch into gear. We suggest making doubly sure you are in the gear you think you are in before hitting the gas. It may sound strange, but for many non-utility riders who switch to utility sleds, this can be a serious thing.

With the 155.7hp (DynoTech dyno tested for AmSnow) this Polaris Liberty H.O. Cleanfire is rated to pull 1,200 pounds, but we think it will do more! We pulled hundreds of pounds of gear through several feet of fresh snow at our Real World Shootout with this sled, and pulled numerous ice-fishing shanties across slush-filled lakes with wet heavy snow too. The articulating rear suspension was on display, backing up several times through tight trees, cutting a new path back to secluded lakes. These make-or-break scenarios are when all the little things become much more important. Our Titan even helped pull out one of our test rider’s Chevy 2500 pickup truck and trailer from a trailhead after a huge snowstorm. We can’t make this stuff up!

Almost more impressive is the Axys front suspension with Fox QS3 adjustable piggyback shocks, which handle the trail like a performance trail sled. There is no getting over the fact that this sled weighed 728 pounds fully wet, which was not surprisingly our heaviest demo sled in the fleet this year. It was almost 100 pounds more than even our 4-stroke Yamaha XTX 141, but it can hold a predictable line on a tight trail corner right alongside most standard crossover trail sleds.
Polaris Titan XC 800
The Titan is as impressive on-trail and pulling as it is off-trail. In the powder it would take a herculean effort to get this sled stuck, and the same to get it out. The Titan stays on top of the snow like few other utility sleds … and is still fun in the trails.

Installing the Lock and Ride Versa cargo rack and box meant tons of storage for the long haul. We strongly suggest that every Titan owner get one if they do not have it already. The uses are virtually endless, from hauling generators to fishing gear. It is standard on the Adventure, but not the XC. The box is $249 USD, part number 2882793, and the rack is $199 USD, part number 2882792. You can order directly on www.snowmobiles.polaris.com.

■ The debate-ables
The factors our test riders discussed: They liked the narrow seat, but the tunnel is still too wide to be comfortable for smaller riders (think under 5’6”) to ride for long distances. This cannot really be changed because you have to accommodate that huge 20-inch track.

We also changed the windshield as the one that comes standard on the Titan XC is too low for what and where the majority of buyers will be using it. When we used the shorter windshield, large hand-guards were necessary because there is little wind protection for your hands.

Polaris AXYS sleds also are slightly harder to get to the battery to install accessories like an RCA plug for a heated shield. Finally, we wish Polaris would make it easier to use the USB tucked behind the gauges under the pod. Yes, Polaris Axys sleds have this if you did not know.
Take 2!
The first utility sled I wanted to trail ride all day! The wide 20-inch track is a blast and handles far better than anticipated. It can haul a trailer through the woods, go off trail and ride a groomed trail without a hiccup. I managed to see almost 80 mph on the speedo! We actually pulled out a full size pickup in low gear that was stuck in the snow in an unplowed parking lot!
– Ryan Veltum, Test Rider
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