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MTNTK Performance Tunnel Cut - Tunnel Shortening Kit

New kit makes mountain tunnel modifications easier
MTNTK Performance Tunnel Cut - Tunnel Shortening Kit mountain snowmobile modification
With the Tunnel Cut - Tunnel Shortening Kit, MTNTK Performance offers a reasonably priced and relatively easy way to reduce drag and improve the handling of your mountain sled.
MTNTK Performance Tunnel Cut - Tunnel Shortening Kit mountain snowmobile modification
The kit comes with all necessary hardware for installation, including a cross-over hose and extrusion adapters that are secured and sealed with adhesive.
MTNTK Performance Tunnel Cut - Tunnel Shortening Kit mountain snowmobile modification installation
Installation of the kit takes approximately 2 hours and requires no specialized cutting or welding tools.
A current trend among mountain snowmobilers is to shorten the length of their sleds’ tunnels. Most mountain sleds feature extra-long tracks for superior traction and hillclimbing ability, so the tunnels of these machines are also long. By cutting the tunnel, aggressive mountain sledders can increase ride performance by reducing rear drag and improving handling, especially when performing advanced maneuvers like sidehilling and reentry turns in deep, loose snow.

One drawback is that shortening the tunnel can be a complicated task, as it often requires welding the heat exchangers back up. However, a product just released by MTNTK Performance eliminates that step, making it easier than ever before to increase sled performance in the mountains.

The new MTNTK Tunnel Cut – Tunnel Shortening Kit allows sledders to perform the modification on their 2011-2020 Polaris mountain chassis snowmobiles at a reasonable price ($299.99) and without the need for specialized welding or cutting tools. Late-model Polaris sleds include a welded extrusion heat exchanger that doubles as the chassis tunnel support and structure. As a result, cutting the tunnel off also modifies the cooling system, increasing the potential for leaks.

The kit comes with all necessary hardware for installation, which requires just a few simple steps: draining the coolant, cutting the tunnel off square with no complicated cuts, cleaning and deburring, installing the extrusion adapters with adhesive and cross-over hose, installing the tunnel cap/ hose protector, and refilling the cooling system. Installation time is approximately 2 hours (excluding sealant cure time), and the overall result is a professional, finished appearance.

The tunnel cap included in the MTNTK Tunnel Cut – Tunnel Shortening Kit is designed to be stronger and more durable than the stock tunnel cap. This is help alleviate the effects of track contact, which is more common with a shortened tunnel.

After install, you can still attach your stock bumper or any aftermarket bumper designed to fit the stock tunnel. There are two position options for the stock bumper: the OEM distance from the bumper to the snow flap, and a retracted position (one inch tighter to further reduce overall length). There are also two snow flap mounting positions: original placement of the OEM flap, or horizonal placement of an aftermarket or custom snow flap for additional snow clearance. The kit also allows the owner to add additional cooling accessories (e.g., MTNTK Tunnel Cooler).

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