Family off-season riding with the Polaris RZR

Helping parents remember they actually like their kids
Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo Dynamix
With warmer weather approaching, it is time to pause and consider what you are going to do once the snow stops flying. Polaris’ off-season ride helped this mother remember I actually like my young children. This is my personal story:

Four years ago, the birth of my twins launched me into a never-ending cycle of Netflix and cold cereal, sometimes interrupted with short bursts of crying in my closet clutching a bag of Oreos. As a working mother of now six kids, adventure was moved far down the list of my priorities.

The sad part was my older kids and husband were still active and enjoying the mountains, while I was left at home watching terrible YouTube videos and fighting a losing battle for access to my own phone. I overcame this rut late last summer, however, when we had the opportunity to long-term test a Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo DYNAMIX edition. This was a godsend to me, as it provided two graces: fun with my twins and legally strapping them down. And, what is better is they loved it. It was a rejuvenating experience to climb the mountain with the state-of-the-art suspension, breathe in crisp air, and look back to see tiny versions of myself smiling inside their little helmets.

■ Fun a la mode
The most fascinating ingredient of this feature-rich ride was the Dynamix Active Suspension. Not only were the shocks built by FOX, but Polaris developed an onboard computer control center that takes information sent from various points on the machine and analyzes it around 200 times a second. That’s faster than my babies run when we catch them with a black sharpie! This machine continually adjusts your shocks so you get the best ride possible. It also is semi-customizable for all those control freaks out there, allowing you to toggle between three preset shock positions (Comfort, Sport and Firm) completely on the fly. We spent most of our time in Sport mode, but it was nice to be able to change while driving if you needed a different feel. The constant adjustment of suspension also helped me feel safe but still have fun. Speed was enjoyable as you still had control, with the shocks stiffening for stability. Even when some drivers took fast corners, I never felt like we were going to fall out or roll.
Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo Dynamix
Squealing with my girls through the fast straightaways and bounding through turns, I remembered the fun-loving woman that had been buried deep beneath the responsibility of caring for the needs of others. The best part is, I was able to partake in this fun without the mom-guilt that so often accompanies leaving children at home.

■ Comfort, connection, courage

The mountain trails provided ample opportunity for conversation to reconnect to my husband, not to mention the beautiful vistas that were ours to take in on every ride. The girls and I got to listen to stories of hunting and snowmobile rides, and learn the local nicknames to the various passes and hollows.

Our machine was 64 inches wide, the perfect balance between being comfortable and being small enough to fit on tight paths. There were only a couple trails that we didn’t go on because they were for 50-inch machines, but the trade-off of four seats and a roomy interior more than made up for that.

It sounds cliche, but the RZR really was fun for the whole family. It gave us the courage to take all our kids camping, something we hadn’t done in years. Our oldest son could ride a motorbike along with us, as the RZR could keep up with the agile bike in the rockiest terrain. Even my parents enjoyed it, as we scared my mom with bursts of speed and impressed my dad with deft handling of steep rocky climbs. The RZR definitely gave us some of the most fun family outings to date. My adventurous spirit has been renewed!
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