1974 Ski-Doo 250 Elan Restoration

One man makes upgrades to vintage 294 SS snowmobile
 This old Elan has new slide rail suspension, all new uphostery, rubber, and so much more. See the parts list below for just a few of the items!
The snowmobile genes run strong in my family, and my father, Terry Luken, has been taking me and the rest of the family riding since before we could walk. I wanted to share his latest restoration project, as it is a labor of love for this man.
Ashley: Terry Luken, why did you start the project, and why that particular sled?

Terry: I just love snowmobiling, and I used to ride an Elan when I was a kid, so this was nostalgic. It brings back a lot of memories from my childhood. I used to climb snow banks with them, and it’s a great looking sled. I’ve been in the industry since 1970, and I wanted a project to do with my daughter to let her experience how I grew up with sleds. It was one of the longest running Ski-Doo models, and I thought that it would be a great project for us. Roger from RJ’s Motorsports let me use the shop during off hours, so a big thank you goes out to him.

Editor's Note: This sled has dozens of new parts and simply looks great for an Elan of this vintage. Consider this one a "teaser" to the many hot rod vintage sleds you'll find throughout the February 2017 issue.
Cost: $1,500 (including sled and parts)
Time: Over 200 hours (about a year and a half) to complete
✓    Bought all parts before completely restoring
✓    Complete gasket set and motor refreshed
✓    Seat reupholstered
✓    Hood sanded, primed and painted
✓    Trunk and taillight replaced with flea market finds
✓    Engine
✓    New slide rail suspension
✓    Ski spindles
✓    Voltage regulator
✓    All new bearings
✓    All new bolts and screws replaced with stainless steel hardware   
✓    Powder-coated tunnel and motor parts
✓    All new belts
✓    Carburetor rebuilt
✓    All fuel lines replaced with lines from RJ’s Motorsports
✓    Exhaust replaced with different (still original) stock exhaust in better condition
✓    Chassis rewelded
✓    New track
✓    Bought two chassis; one had a better motor and one had a better chassis
Contributor Spotlight
Ashley Luken grew up in the motorsports industry with her father, Terry Luken. Together, they started racing her Kitty Cat when she was 4 years old, in New Hampshire. But Ashley found her real passion for riding was off trail, and landed a few sponsors like FXR Racing (she is one of the only backcountry females sponsored in New England). Understanding sleds and their importance to her father gave her motivation to contact AmSnow about this particular build.

Ashley’s boyfriend, Mike Wonoski, is also a backcountry rider (he's sponsored by Straightline Performance and others). Mike taught himself how to ride in the backcountry on a 2003 Yamaha SXViper Mtn. He's one of a very few (if not the only) hearing-impaired sponsored riders performing at the top level of the sport.
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