Top 12 Reasons to Snowmobile Iceland

If you want a real sledding adventure, this is it!
Iceland glacier snowmobile cornice snow
Natural beauty unlike any you’ve ever seen from the seat of a sled! If you want to see waterfalls bigger than Niagara Falls, neverending glaciers, natural geothermal pools, ice caves and more around every corner, then take a trip to Iceland! If you are looking for cornice drops for days, mile-long sidehills, wide-open belt- burning valleys, huge natural snocross terrain, and hillclimbs that keep going up, then take a trip to Iceland! If you like good people and fun times ... OK, you know the drill: GO TO ICELAND!
Photo by Mark Boncher
The best flight ever out of Chicago O’Hare airport we ever took was the one to Iceland! This country is snowmobile heaven and still largely undiscovered by U.S. sledders. We suggest going!
Iceland geothermal pool waterfall landscape
Photo by Mark Boncher
1. It’s not that far. I’m not even kidding! We’re talking about a 5–6-hour flight from Chicago.

2. Flights are direct.
Fares cost a little more than $600 through Icelandair from almost any area in the U.S. and Canada. And all bags and fees are included! Icelandair flies direct from Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Toronto, Denver, Portland and many more places, so getting there is super easy, and you never have to worry about making connections or losing bags.  

3. You can use a credit card ANYWHERE.
From your sled rental to your pizza to the local geothermal pool/beer garden, the largest places to the smallest in Iceland take credit cards and all of my American credit cards worked without problem.

4. Glaciers mean snow all year round! The best time to snowmobile is February through the end of April, but you can have great rides as early as November and as late as the end of May.

5. Nowhere is off-limits! OK, well, that isn’t totally true, but once you get out of the populated areas, as long as there is snow on the ground, you can basically travel anywhere on a snowmobile.
Iceland snowmobiler glacier snow
Photo by Mark Boncher
6. Almost ZERO snowmobile traffic. Since there is no established “trail system,” you can have any area you want to ride all to yourself. Other than the isolated tour group, the only other sleds you see are locals and (if you need them) the rescue squad. More info:

7. It’s never super cold. I know this is hard to believe considering the island is called “ICEland,” but temperatures are fairly moderate all year round. Actually, the first explorer of Iceland and Greenland knew this and gave Iceland the less desirable name, even though Greenland has the harsher climate. We can understand if he wanted Iceland all to himself. The temperate Icelandic winter climate hovers around 15 F (-10 C) in the winter up in the mountains, but 32 F (0 C) in the lowlands during winter.

8. There’s riding for all skill levels. Literally any snowmobiler can have fun riding in Iceland. From a beginner to an expert, there is something for everyone. From the most insane mountain climbs and monster cliff drops to a lazy ride around geothermal hot springs, anyone can enjoy numerous days riding and never see or do the same thing twice. More Info:
Iceland snowmobile snow glacier rock
Photo by Mark Boncher
Gylfi Sævarsson Haddi Iceland snowmobile Klim crew
The best guide in Iceland, Gylfi Sævarsson (in blue), his wife Haddi (in pink) and the rest of what we called the “local Klim crew.”
Photo by Mark Boncher
9. The views! Iceland’s topography and mountainous wilderness areas are unlike anywhere else in the world. Movie makers from across the globe come here to film blockbuster hits like The Fast and The Furious and James Bond flicks, just because the views from almost anywhere are spectacularly unique.

10. Breathe easy!
One major drawback to mountain riding for many people is altitude sickness. That won’t happen in Iceland! The highest peak is just 6,923 feet (2,110 meters) above sea level. Most of the mountains are a few thousand feet high, which is great for people who travel from sea level areas. You won’t ever experience that harsh shortness of breath that many people from the Midwest feel when they ride out in the Rocky Mountains.
11. Easy access to sleds and tours. For more info on upcoming tours, email or

12. There’s more than just snowmobiling!
Take a “buggy” ride on a brand new side-by-side through glacier-fed rivers, dunes and many more activities. More info:,

To see more photos of our trip to Iceland, click here.
Iceland landscape Ski-Doo X-RS glacier grassy tundra snow snowmobile
One minute you’re in low snow on grassy tundra, and the next you’re in a blizzard on a glacier. Conditions and terrain change fast in Iceland.
Photo by Mark Boncher
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