2019 Yamaha Snowmobiles Relased

SRX is Back!
2019 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE
Welcome back! The SRX is set to be the reincarnation of the champion lake-racer you remember from years past.
There’s an elephant in the room of the snowmobile industry. It doesn’t even have anything to do with technology, speed, cost (that’s a whole other elephant) or performance of the sleds being produced. It’s two parts, there are too many sleds, and something needs to be done to reach the next generation.
2019 Yamaha SRViper L-TX
The SRViper is a great sled for people just entering the market.
The folks at Yamaha (and others) believe the market is flooded with snowmobiles. Citing poor 2018 model sales, Yamaha blames themselves for this –at least partially.

So, for the 2019 model year, Yamaha will only be producing 12 models. This is down from 34 models from last year. This is a drastic swipe and the first step by them at trying to address an issue that has been building for some time.

Of course they’re still going to be producing different versions of the Sidewinder, whose performance is still unmatched both on paper and on the snow. They are also keeping the huge hit they brought back last year with the SnoScoot. This ¾ sled was a hot commodity with Yamaha selling every single one they produced. Those choices are no-brainers to keep around.

Controlling the top and bottom of the markets is one thing, but where are they going to make the cuts? Well stick around and we’ll take you through the smaller herd of Yamahas for MY2019.
2019 Yamaha Snoscoot ES
Now with electric start and more simplified maintenance, the SnoScoot will be even more welcome in any parents' garage.
■ SnoScoot Staying
After the huge success and demand of the re-release of the SnoScoot last year, Yamaha would be foolish not to keep this one around!

The 2019 SnoScoot ES features electric start, standard. The ES also has a few small upgrades and niceties for this model year. Consumers will still be getting the same 192cc single-cylinder, carbureted, fan-cooled 4-stroke engine that is electronically governed to keep the small riders safe, but MY2019’s SnoScoot will be easier to maintain.

A new dipstick is on this one for friendlier home-maintenance of the SnoScoot ES. No longer will owners need to lift the front end up 18 inches to check and change the oil. Maybe they should have left it the way it was and made the next generation of snowmobilers appreciate a little bit of hard work and elbow-grease that goes into proper maintenance, or is that just me?

A couple other upgrades for the ES model were made. There is a longer pull-cord to help when manually starting the motor. There is also a composite carb isolator for improved hot starts.
2019 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE
■ SRX is Back!
Yamaha wanted to bring back the SRX for the customer that craves unmatched speed and arm-straightening acceleration. The Sidewinder motor definitely helps!

SRX stands for Snow Racer Experimental. Nothing on the market today can compete with this lake racer (save the new Thundercat). This sled has a unique lower ride-height than any other Sidewinder due to dual-rate springs up front and in the center along with new lower torsion springs in the rear that have a lower preload with the same final force at the end of the stroke. This suspension package helps keep this thing low and stay flat and neutral while cornering at higher speeds while not sacrificing comfort. It still handles bumps fairly well too! The new 137x15x1.0” Camso Ripsaw-1 fully clipped track is made specifically for attaining higher speeds.

That lower suspension is paired with the new iQS system (see more later in this article) and controlled from the newly designed handlebar setup. A new throttle lever was designed around the legendary Apex lever along with a new Hayes Brake with a shorter brake lever. All that and a new independent kill switch is tucked behind a race-height windshield, keeping a low profile for this future lake-racing monster. A new idler wheel design and rear axle setup replace the old tri-hub setup from the past.

The Sidewinder SRX LE is only available during the Spring Power Surge, so if you’re thinking of getting your hands on one, you need to act fast!
2019 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE with iQS controlled Fox shocks
■ iQS suspension
As part of the Yamaha/Arctic Cat partnership, a couple Sidewinders for MY2019 will be outfitted with the newest suspension technology.

iQS stands for Intelligent Quick Switch. It can be controlled from the handlebars and electronically adjusts the suspension. A lot of newer cars have technology similar to this and it really makes it easy to adjust during a long day of riding through different types of snow.

Both of the front ski-shocks and the rear skid-shock are electronically controlled by iQS. There are three setting: Soft for maximum trail comfort, Mid for a more balanced and all-around performance and Firm which is for aggressive trail riding and increased load-carrying capacity.

Electronic modal damping is provided by the Suspension Control Unit (SCU) and controlled on the handlebars. On-the-fly changes can be made in less than one second. This eliminates the need get off your sled and try and count clicks on your shocks when the terrain changes.
2019 Yamaha Sidewinder tunnel bag
2019 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE iQS
■ Sidewinder Improvements
With most of the excitement of the MY2019 Sidewinders is around the return of the SRX. However, we cannot overlook the new – also Spring Power Surge only - L-TX LE. This is the Sidewinder for the rough-trail, ditch-banging customers out there. The L-TX LE and the SRX are the only other Sidewinders that offer the iQS suspension. And like the SRX, the L-TX LE has the new handlebar controls, racing windshield, new idler wheel design, tunnel bag and the new Hayes brake with shorter composite lever.

The L-TX LE’s gearing was changed to 24/50 for MY2019 for better corner-to-corner acceleration. A new 137x15x1.6” Camso Cobra track provides better performance on loose snow and helps build on-trail confidence. The Hi-Vis painted tunnel really pops on this LE version!

Next down the Sidewinder lineup is the X-TX LE. This version comes with a new 40-inch front end with mountain spindles, new blue single-keel crossover skis, QS3 center coil and rear shocks, a mountain seat and the same CVT calibration from the L-TX. A new 141x15x1.75” Backcountry X track surrounds the uncoupled rear skid and there’s a new rail design and a second set of idler wheels on the outside for clearance with the QS3 reservoir.

The B-TX LE comes with a 153-inch Powerclaw track with a 2.25-inch lug. Its 40-inch front end comes with Mountain Spindles and new blue single-keel crossover skis and of course, QS3s all around.

The ice-scratchers have been removed from the B-TX LE and a new rail design includes a second set of idler wheels to help with hyfax slider-wear.

The M-TX 162 LE comes with a three-inch lug on the Powerclaw track, a 36-inch front end with new blue deep-keel mountain skis, float QS3s on the front and a float QSL rear shock with Climb Lock.

New CVT calibration helps the M-TX 162 LE increase performance and decrease belt temperature. Ice-scratchers come standard along with new stealth handlebar controls, a new tunnel bag - which comes on all new mountain machines - and a new dropped chaincase and a lowered approach angle.

Don’t think we’re only talking about the Spring Power Surge Sidewinders here. The rest of the gang still has some new flare to show off.

The X-TX SE sports a 42-inch front end with QS3s all around, including on the uncoupled 141-inch rear. Yamaha really likes the QS3s, so much so that they removed float shocks from all of their crossover models for 2019.
2019 Yamaha SR Viper L-TX
The SRViper is approachable, reliable and still a thrill to ride.
■ The Rest of the Pack
We’ve already covered the bases on the beginner SnoScoot sled from Yamaha, which they hit a homerun on last season. Plus they’ve made some pretty cool additions to the Sidewinder lineup for the power-hungry, snow-conquering sled-heads. But what else will they be producing?

The SRX 120 will be back in 2019 with the SRX 120R. The “R” pretty much just stands for the newer body panels Yamaha has outfitted it with, along with the new idler wheel design. Other than that, it is the same sled, but still a good sled for the tiniest little sled-heads in your family.

One other familiar face will be produced for the MY2019 Yamaha lineup and that’s the SRViper LT-X. Trimming the Viper line down to just one model, the MY2019 SRViper will basically be the same sled they produced in 2018. The only difference will be the new idler wheel design and axle on the rear, along with a new black and grey color and graphics. The 2019 SRViper will not include the updated handlebar controls in an effort to keep costs down.

The SRViper is a great sled for people who want a durable 4-stroke machine that will perform. It’s approachable, reliable, and still a thrill to ride. This sled is tailored for trail riding and will not disappoint as one of the best deals Yamaha has to offer.
2019 Yamaha SRX 120R
■ What’s Next?
Most of the really hot items from Yamaha for 2019 are only available in the Spring Power Surge. That means if you want the latest and greatest, you’re going to need to act soon or you’re simply not going to get one.

This is a lot to ask of the Yamaha die-hards out there, but if this pairing down of models and options is effective, who knows what we’ll be seeing from them in 2020 and beyond... we can hope right?

I’ve always been a fan of the “less is more” mentality. The more options consumers seem to get, the more they have to complain about. When you have the power of the Sidewinder, a few versions of it is OK with me. There’s no sense in producing so many sleds that dealers are forced to sit on inventory for months.

The SnoScoot sold out last year and I’m sure it will again. We always said we NEEDED the SnoScoot because we need to get the next generation involved. If we don’t have them, we have no need for new snowmobiles anyway.
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