2020 Yamaha lineup announced

Yamaha brings 600 2-stroke Sport/Utility to America, launches highest HP 2-up on the market highlighting new GT line
After the ‘inventory correction’ goal for model year 2019 where they cut down to just 13 models, Yamaha will be producing 16 models for 2020.

GT line introduced which replaces some DX models. More features focused for grand touring sleds. Performance luxury.

Geared for customers with experience but are getting to the point where they want a little more comfort along with their performance sled. Almost an LE/DX hybrid. Shock absorber performance along with throttle response, wind protection and handling on the trail rank high for this ideal customer. Higher mileage riding in a luxury premium. Balance of speed, comfort and luxury. “Powerful, yet sophisticated.”

Sidewinder L-TX GT – In-season model. Replaces the DX. QS3 suspension, front and rear. ARC front end. High windshield and ample storage for those longer rides. Track is 137x15x1.25 RipSaw. Goggle bag and quick-release tunnel bag comes with this bad-boy as well.

Sidewinder S-TX GT – highest HP 2-up sled on the market. With its 146-inch track, auxiliary gas tank on tunnel. Heated seat and hand grips on rear seat, along with RCA plugs for rear passenger. Rear seat is easily removable. QS3 shocks on front, of course are three-way adjustable for that perfect level of comfort. Overload springs on rear are standard, oversized windshield, heated visor outlet for driver all come standard as well.
Bringing back some Japanese favorites
For model year 2020, Yamaha decided to bring back some of their favorite sleds from their Japanese factories. The Utility/Touring lineup with feature the VK540, as it did last year, but also the RSVenture TF and the VK Pro II.

The VK Pro II is powered by the 130 HP 1049cc EFI 4-stroke with wide deep-snow utility skis, a flip-up rear skid-frame and 154-inch Cobra wide track. There is a large rear rack for storage behind the 2-up seat, but the driver’s seat also flips up for more storage access. This beast can be easily maneuvered with its industry-exclusive electric power steering.

Transporter 600 – 2-stroke
The engine is made by Arctic Cat, of course, but this sled was popular for Yamaha in Europe for a while and now they’re bringing it here.

The Transporter 600 is part of the expansion of Yamaha’s utility segment for model year 2020. This 2-stroke sport-utility sled features a lightweight utility chassis complete with an articulating 153-inch rear skid and a 2.25-inch Powerclaw track. The 38-inch stance is anchored by Yamaha Mountain skis and 1.5-inch HPG shocks. There is push-button starting along with a recoil backup, just in case.
Standard magnetic tethers on ALL SLEDS
This is a step in the right direction and it’s a little surprising that some sleds out there still don’t have tethers. In the future, people are going to look back on this being a new feature and think we were cavemen or daredevils for ever even riding without one. Think back to the last time you were in a car without seatbelts … they’re that important, to me at least.

Unique color combinations
Most of the time we would point this out and refer to it as BNG, or bold new graphics. This time, it’s actually worth mentioning because we think the color combinations Yamaha has come up with for model year 2020 are honestly appealing and pleasing to the eye!

Keep your eyes peeled for an extended look at Yamaha's 2020 lineup in the Spring issue of American Snowmobiler.
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