2019 Ski-Doo Snowmobiles Released

Ski-Doo First Look for 2019
Seriously, what do you people want?
I can absolutely see the folks in Ski-Doo’s marketing department gathered around a focus group of snowmobilers asking this question. We snowmobilers are fickle folks, most likely because we want it all, and like most people today, we really don’t want to pay for it!
2019 Ski-Doo Renegade X-RS 900 ACE
New Factory Turbo! The Ski-Doo 900 ACE Turbo is the newest turbo sled on the market.
2019 Ski-Doo Renegade X-RS 900 ACE
Well Ski-Doo is doing their best this year to round out their line even more to satisfy die-hard 2-stroke lovers, hard-core 4-stroke fans, quench the crossover thirst, quell the demanders in the mountains, and totally smooth it out for the touring folks.

■ More than just surviving with 4-strokes
Ski-Doo is investing even more in their ACE line of 4-stroke motors for 2019. At a time when other OEMs really do not have tit-for-tat competing 4-stroke models with Ski-Doo, the Canadian company is growing their 4-stroke piece of the market. The 900ACE was the #1 selling 4-stroke motor in 2017! This year they have a revamped 900 ACE motor that adds another 5hp in its naturally aspirated version (was 90hp, now 95hp). This standard 900 ACE gets a new air intake and new exhaust for advanced flow and a new pDrive clutch with slider shoes and a whole new calibration.

Yes, as you’ve probably seen by now, there is also a new Turbo version of the 900 ACE. Ski-Doo IS listening to what so many sledders ask for! This turbo system is entirely engineered and built by Rotax in-house and is the first turbo sled from Ski-Doo. The single throttle body system is said to have zero lag and from the engineering photos, this 3-1 exhaust and turbo has a very short path to take the exhaust energy and start spinning the turbine. The diminutive (in size) new turbo spins at 200,000rpm, but the system is not as loud as many turbos on the market. It is oil lubricated and water cooled and up to 12 psi is pumping. There is a new piston, stronger connecting rod and crankshaft, larger water pump, new fuel injector, new cylinder head, new oil pump and scavenging pump, new exhaust valve and an oil cooling nozzle pointed at the bottom of the piston. All these changes keep this motor cool and are designed to take the abuse of the added power. The overall engine has 25% better power-to-weight ratio than the older 1200 4-TEC in the REV-XS chassis that it replaces. The claim is up to 19.4mpg too!
2019 Ski-Doo Grand Touring 900 ACE
That brings us to the next important improvement in 4-strokes for Ski-Doo: ALL the 4-stroke models from Ski-Doo will be in a new wider modified Gen4 chassis. This is needed to nicely package things like the intercooler. Ski-Doo knows consumers want 4-strokes that handle like 2-strokes, and that’s on display with the introduction of the new Renegade X-RS 900 ACE Turbo. This sled attempts more than any 4-stroke before to bridge the gap between 2-stroke and 4-stroke. There is a trail seat with 1.85 gallons of storage and the sled is ¾ of an inch narrower than the Rev-XS 1200 4-TEC. It also has a little more wind protection. Finally!

The new turbo motor and the wider Gen4 body panels will be in the Renegade (only X-RS), Enduro and Grand Touring lines while the Expedition line gets the standard 900 ACE motor with the wider style. All these sleds still come available with 2-stroke motor options … just not the narrow bodywork. There won’t be any MXZ sleds or 2-strokes with the wide design.

2019 Ski-Doo Rotax 600R
The 600R E-TEC will also be available to the mountain crowd. It will be SHOT ready as an option as well.
■ 600R is a Rebel!
AmSnow broke the news about the new 600R E-TEC motor in our February issue and we have continued to appreciate this hot little number. We are not going to re-hash everything that we already told you last month, but after having a chance to ride sleds with this motor in it, our initial impressions are extremely positive. Comments like, “it’s like riding 700cc 2-stroke power, but in a lighter weight chassis.”

Things like a new lightweight integrated electric starter, best in class oil economy, and a more linear power curve have people pretty excited to plunk down cash for this sled. Will it be an 800cc killer? Well, with better exhaust flow through the triple stage eRave and a sled that theoretically should be easier to clutch, it just might be!

You will also be able to get the new 600R motor across Ski-Doo’s lineup from the MXZ to the Summit. We feel this motor will make the trail folks that think they need an 800cc sled think twice about what to buy ... especially in places like northern Wisconsin or New York where some of the trails are super twisty and you need to be able to snake your way all day and not wear yourself out.
2019 Ski-Doo Backcountry X-RS 850
■ MXZ, Renegade, Backcountry ... all in
You can get three engine packages in the MXZ. These include the old 600 carb motor (500ss), the new 600R E-TEC, and the 850 E-TEC. You can choose from the top spring order-only rough trail X-RS and the top trail X model, as well as the more standard in-season Blizzard package and TNT models. The value-conscious Sport model is also available in the Rev-XP chassis with the SC-5 rear suspension.

The X-RS, X and Blizzard are all in the 129-inch rMotion rear suspension, and like previous years the major difference is the shock packages and options. The X-RS has the big KYB Pro 40 easy adjust piggyback racing shocks in back and Pro 36R shocks up front. You can get all the adjustability you want on this sled, but not much changed from last year. Same thing goes for all the MXZ sleds, they get the same shocks as last year. The X-RS, X, and Blizzard all get new color options and you can now get each with the 600R motor, the updated pDrive primary clutch is standard. The drive clutch has dual rollers instead of the sliding buttons. This is a “maintenance-free” clutch and the fixed sheave is finned and there is a new clutch cover. This will keep things cool and enhance airflow.

We already broke the news on the Renegade packages being available with the new 900 ACE 4-stroke Turbo motor, but the Renegade 4-stroke sleds get a new trail seat too with storage. Also all of them get the updated pDrive primary clutch. Plus, there is an updated mechanical reverse for the 4-stroke Renegade that is located near the right hand side panel. You can only get the Renegade X-RS in the 850 E-TEC or 900 ACE Turbo options. The X model on down you can get the 600R motor option.

The Enduro gets updated to the Gen4 platform with the RAS 3 front suspension, a new heated trail seat with storage, a new glove box, and more. The Enduro and Adrenaline versions of the Renegade are available with four motor options including the 850 E-TEC, 600R E-TEC, 900 ACE Turbo and 900 ACE. Finally, the Renegade Sport stays in the XS chassis and comes with the 600 ACE or carbed motors.
2019 Ski-Doo MXZ X 600R
The new Backcountry this year is no longer a “Renegade,” but is its own line of sleds. There is an X-RS, X and standard Backcountry package. The basic difference, again like the Renegade and MXZ lines are shocks and the X-RS and X are Spring Order only versions. They all have the updated pDrive primary and you can get the standard Backcountry with an optional 600R in addition to the 850. The X-RS and X models have a new premium handlebar control with the warmers, reverse, and mode settings on it. The X-RS has KYB Pro 36R shocks on the front and Pro 40s in the rear. All the Backcountry sleds have the new-last-year cMotion rear suspension.

■ Grand, Grand Touring

There are a ton of upgrades to the Grand Touring 2-up line. It comes in the Wide Gen4 chassis with the new pDrive primary, RAS 3 front suspension, Pilot 5.7 SL skis, with a new 2-up heated seat and more! This is the Goldwing/Bentley of the trail! It gets lots of new creature comforts including a new glove box, adjustable riser, fixed backrest and adjustable passenger hand grips with deflectors and easy to use heat controls, plus a new LinQ storage box standard, new big 24-inch windshield, retractable folding mirrors and more.
2019 Ski-Doo Rotax 600R
The Grand Touring can be powered by either the Turbo or non-Turbo 900 ACE motors or the new 600R E-TEC. The options for going on long touring rides with this sled are awesome! The GT Sport also comes in the new Gen4 chassis with a little less bling, but all of the most impressive features. Unfortunately you can only get this one with the standard 900 ACE motor. You can also get the 600 ACE GT Sport in the XS chassis.

On the utility side, the Expedition is still available in the Xtreme, new SWT, SE, LE new Sport and Sport packages. We talked about the new SWT in the February issue and that is really the big news in this segment for Ski-Doo so we won’t re-hash it here, but the 24-inch wide track on this 154-inch long machine is simply awesome! If you need to tow, you need to get this! Also, the Expedition Sport with 900ACE comes in the new Gen4 chassis as well with the RAS 3 suspension. There are no changes to the Tundra or Skandic lines other than some BNG (bold new graphics).
2019 Ski-Doo Summit 600R

While a full season will tell us just how great it really is, we got a pretty good idea of what it is capable of in our test session, and it did not disappoint.

Because it had to fit in the new Gen4 chassis it had to be narrower. The Gen4 chassis is one of the most maneuverable platforms a sled has ever been built on. The little effort needed to make it respond can be intimidating at first but once you get used to it (takes about an hour), there is nothing like it. Throw in the ease of Ski-Doo’s steering (feels like power steering) and you have a sled that is eager and ready to go where you want it to, with the power to back it up. For anyone learning to snowmobile in the mountains this is the easiest platform to do it on and now that it comes in a 600 just makes it that much better.

The new 600 has 125hp, but don’t let that fool you - it will take you everywhere you want. There was not anywhere the 850s went that the 600 couldn’t, even in fairly deep new snow. So don’t worry about it keeping up with its big brother.

Throttle response is very crisp all the way from bottom to top. Yes, there are times when the power of the 850 is going to be much more advantageous, but the new 600 is a sled that will be right there with the 850, even in places you think, “no way!”

This is perfect for younger mountain riders, and experts. Most importantly, it’s a great combination for those that may not want or need all the power (or cost) that comes with the 850. If Ski-Doo can keep the price right on this, they have hit an absolute homerun. I would want to put my 14-year-old on this, but it’s also a sled I would not hesitate to ride myself all day. If you are looking for an alternative to the powerhouse 800+ sleds this is your answer.

The 850 Summit and Freeride lineups’ only change was the pDrive, colors and options.
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