800cc Factory Mod Racer For Arctic Racers

Race-ready mod sleds built at Cat factory
For the coming snocross season, Team Arctic will build factory mod sleds based on its redesigned 2004 Sno Pro 440,

"This is the first time in 20 years we've built mod sleds on our production line," said Team Arctic Race Manager Brian Sturgeon. "In the past we've built rolling chassis for racers, but (racers) were on their own to modify them and find a power source. We've handled that for them this year. We expect that it will especially benefit the non-pro racers who don't have the time or resources to develop and test a mod sled the way they'd like."

800cc Factory Mod Motor

Speedwerx will be the official power source for Arctic Cat's mod sled. Each racer will be outfitted with a 795cc mod motor from the aftermarket shop. With an 85mm bore and 70mm stroke, the Speedwerx Arctic Cat 800SX Engine/Pipe Package is expected to provide quick revving and high torque performance on the snocross track. The rack-mounted flatslide Mikuni carbs have been bored to 42mm to performance match Moto Tassinari reeds and V-Force Delta 3 reed cages in charging the air/fuel into the cylinders.

On the exhaust side is a set of performance-mated Speedwerx pipes, which help spin the 800cc mod to an anticipated peak power of 170 to 175 horses at 8400 rpm.

"We've had some of our factory racers using Speedwerx engines over the past couple seasons," said Sturgeon. "They run strong and don't have a lot of problems, which is the ideal combination for winning season-long championships. I'm glad to have Speedwerx onboard for this program. I think our mod racers will be, too."

Shedding Weight

Cat's Race Sled Manager, Troy Halvorson notes that the new Sno Pro mod features chassis mods to draw more air for the big motor while also permitting the use of a weight-reducing hood and air intake system.

Titanium springs on Fox Zero X ski shocks and on the front arm shock of the rear suspension also cut weight. Fox's Zero X shocks are designed for ease of tuning both the compression and rebound damping rates to suit ride preferences.

Use of the King Cat Mountain Cat track design cuts about five pounds from the sled. This new Attack 20 track with 1.7-inch lugs features new track Involute/exvolute drivers that eliminate ratcheting by not only using the inner lugs, but also driving with the track windows. To accommodate the new track and drivers, Cat outfits the factory mod with a new rails on the Sno Pro rear suspension,

Cat designers even looked at the fuel pump for weight savings as they opted for a high performance plastic fuel pump to shave ounces without sacrificing durability or function.

Race-ready Mod
Sturgeon explains, "Our whole purpose for this project is to give our racers a fully-functional, race-legal and highly-competitive mod sled right out of the crate. We know that testing time is short and that 98 percent of all racers have jobs to go to and can't spend a week in Alaska to develop their sled. We have the sleds heading to our racers right now, earlier than we've ever sent them, in an effort to give every one of our Team Arctic members as much time to fine tune as we can.

"Our factory mod sled is truly turnkey. It meets all race rules for safety equipment and minimum weight. We want our guys to go out and be dominant from the first green flag."
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