East Coast Battle at 29th AmSnow NY Shootout

Weather freezing cold but sleds running hot!
29th Annual AmSnow New York Shootout
JJ's Outlaw Photography
Despite the cold temperatures that started out at negative 15 degrees, over a thousand sled-head spectators made it to the hills of upstate New York to witness AmSnow’s 29th Annual DynoTech Research Shootout.

This is an event where spectators get a firsthand look at how the manufacturers’ newest snowmobiles (2019 model year sleds in this case) perform against each other. It is also an opportunity for like-minded snow junkies to get together and talk shop.

For the past four years, the testing ground has been Chip and Cindy Sauer’s 1,000-foot testing track in Inlet, NY. Close to the area’s Snodeo celebration, it is the headlining event in a series of parties that revel in all that is great about the Adirondacks and the best time of year, winter.

Although the cold conditions kept some less devoted sled fans away, the official rider, Jason Owens, and the AmSnow crew stayed warm in CastleX gear. This allowed us to work with volunteers and the Town of Inlet, to not only gather valuable information, but to participate in a fun and engaging event, where sled-heads watch with anticipation to see if their brand colors are going to reign supreme and lay claim to fastest box stock sled.

The New York Shootout tests sleds in three different categories: Box Stock Sleds, Dealer Prepped Machines and Mods.
29th Annual AmSnow New York Shootout
JJ's Outlaw Photography
■ Box Stock Comparison
For this category, the sleds are taken out of the box from the dealer (no engine prep or clutching) and provided studs by Woody’s Traction. Woody’s Trigger Studs were used in all the stock sleds except the SRX, which used the Gold Diggers studs to get the correct penetration over the lug for the one-inch track.

After being properly studded, the machines were raced individually two times down the track prepped by Inlet Barnstormers Track Grooming. During both runs, DynoTech Research assessed the horsepower and acceleration.

DynoTech Research is an independent research company that has been publishing unbiased Super-Flow instrumented dynamometer test results on snowmobile engines for 30 years.

600cc class The results of the Box Stock Compari-son were as expected, tight and fast. The 600 group included the Ski-Doo Renegade 600, Polaris INDY 600 XC and the Arctic Cat ZR 6000. Ski-Doo was on fire out of the gate, holding the fastest times under 500 feet, but between 500-1000 feet, Polaris had the most game. Keep in mind, the difference between the two sleds was 0.01 seconds at the 1,000-foot mark! Ski-Doo came in at 10.39 seconds with a top speed of 93.94 mph. Polaris came in at 10.38 seconds and a top speed of 89.81 mph. Arctic Cat ran the 1,000 feet in 10.60 seconds with a top speed of 85.54 mph.
29th Annual AmSnow New York Shootout
JJ's Outlaw Photography
800cc class The 800 group included the Polaris INDY 800 and Arctic Cat ZR 8000. The duo shared the glory with the Cat jumping off the line, out-pacing even the stock turbo sleds at the 330-foot mark! Polaris again showed later life, getting to 1,000 feet the fastest in 9.64 seconds at 100.22 mph. Cat ran the 1,000 feet in 9.95 seconds at 97.82 mph.

850cc class The 850 class was one of the most anticipated, up until this year there has not been another 850 to go up against Ski-Doo, but with the release of the new Patriot 850 from Polaris that all changed. The lineup for this showdown included the Ski-Doo Renegade 850 and the Polaris INDY 850 XC. Polaris had the fastest time in every category, flying at the start and topping at 101.12 mph at the 1,000-foot marker in 9.67 seconds. Ski-Doo ran the 1,000 feet in 10 seconds flat with a top speed of 98.90 mph.
29th Annual AmSnow New York Shootout
JJ's Outlaw Photography
29th Annual AmSnow New York Shootout
JJ's Outlaw Photography
29th Annual AmSnow New York Shootout
JJ's Outlaw Photography
■ Stock Turbo Class
The stock turbo sleds included the Arctic Cat ZR 9000, Yamaha SRX and Ski-Doo 900 ACE Turbo. The Arctic Cat outperformed at almost every marker, except off the line and speed at 1,000 feet; those markers belonged to the Yamaha coming in at 9.33 seconds and a top speed of 110.02 mph! It needs to be noted that we tried unsuccessfully to secure a 2019 Arctic Cat Thundercat for the test knowing it was the closest comparison in almost every way to the Yamaha SRX.

Arctic Cat ran the 1,000 feet in 9.27 seconds 107.65 mph. Ski-Doo came in at 9.95 seconds at a top speed of 97.61 mph.

■ Dealer Prepped Machines
After the Box Stock comparisons, the dealers had an opportunity for 30 minutes to fine-tune their sleds. This gives the consumer an idea of what to expect from their machine once a dealer has given it a good run-through. Some changes include clutching, hyfax, adding wheel kits, etc.

The dealers that participated in the event are well respected in the area and include the following:

• Arctic Adventures Arctic Cat, Rosendale, NY
• Sports Unlimited Polaris Utica, NY
• CJ Motorsports Ski-Doo Boonville, NY
• Excell Performance Yamaha Hubbardsville, NY

The snowmobile that saw the most improvement with some dealer love at the most markers was the 600 Polaris, Sports Unlimited Polaris Utica did great work. Additionally, the 800 Arctic Cat was able to see improvement with some tweaking by Arctic Adventures Rosendale.
2018 vendors:
Matt's Draft House - Inlet, NY - Beer
Aurora's Donuts - Old Forge, NY - Fresh Made Donuts, Coffee, etc.
Harold's Hamburgers & Hot Dogs - Inlet, NY - Pit Side - Burgers, Hot Dogs, etc.
Mangia Macina's Wood Fired Pizza - New Hartford, NY - Wood Fired Pizza
Come Fry With Me - Rome, NY - Loaded Fries, etc.
Adirondack Eatery, LLC - Forestport, NY - Homemade Soups, Knishes, Hot Dogs & much more
Popcorn Brothers - North Creek, NY - Kettle Corn
Death by Chili Sauce - Rochester, NY - Hot Sauce
No Luck Apparel - Chicopee, MA - Shirts
585 Wood Working - Rochester, NY - Wooden Signs
Tug Life - Lee Center, NY - Clothing & Apparel

2018 Host:

Chip & Cindy Sauer
Town of Inlet
Track Groomer:
Inlet Barnstormers Snowmobile Club
KMS Performance

2018 Participating Dealers:

Ski Doo - CJ Motorsports - Boonville, NY
Polaris - Sports Unlimited - Utica, NY
Yamaha - Excell Motorsports - Hubbardsville, NY
Arctic Cat - Artic Adventures - Rosendale, NY
2018 Product Sponsors:
Castle X

2018 Sponsors:
ACE Hardware / Inlet Department Store - Inlet, NY
ADK Little Cabins - Inlet, NY
Big Moose Station - Big Moose, NY
BJ Queen Enterprises - Inlet, NY
Black Bear Lodges - Inlet, NY
Burkhard Evans - Inlet, NY
Clark Energy - Inlet, NY
Clark's Snowmobile Rentals / Adirondack Mountain Sports - Inlet & Remsen, NY
Deer Meadows Cottages - Inlet, NY
Drake's Inn - Inlet, NY
Fourth Lake Wine & Spirits - Inlet, NY
Front Door Diner / Back Door Bar - Old Forge, NY
Helmer's Fuel & Trucking - Old Forge, NY
ilsnow.com - Indian Lake, NY
Inlet Marina - Inlet, NY
Jack Greco Custom Furniture - Inlet, NY
Lowville Sport and Farm - Honda - Lowville, NY
Marina Motel - Inlet, NY
Moses Distributing - Utica, NY
North Street Snowmobile Parts - Old Forge, NY
Old Forge Camping Resort - Old Forge, NY
The Ole Barn - Inlet, NY
Risley & Townsend Home Improvent - Inlet, NY
Rocky Point Properties - Inlet, NY
Schueler's Sled Shed - Old Forge, NY
Sunset Ridge Construction - Inlet, NY
T's EZ Mart - Inlet, NY
TOW Bar - Old Forge, NY
Water's Edge Inn - Old Forge, NY
Windjammers Bar & Grill - Rochester, NY

Take a look at some of the shots from JJ's Outlaw Photography - Jon Johnville - from the 29th annual AmSnow / DynoTech Research New York Shootout!
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