600 Fusion

New 600 H.O. isn't dyno shy
The bar was set high for Polaris' new Fusion 600. Early prototypes showed up to 124 horsepower in pre-production dyno tests and the buzz from testers was that the 600 H.O. consistently showed around 120 horses.

Officially, Polaris said it was a 120-hp machine. After test rides on Switchbacks and Fusions with this powerplant, we felt it was strong and even-pulling.

Our out-of-the-box dyno numbers on the first production sled we could get were nearly spot on. The stock Fusion 600- tested by Rich Daly of Dynoport- pulled 119.2 hp at 8200 rpm.

The results are extremely close to the rest of the 600 class, and almost exactly the 120 horses we expected. To compare, the last dyno we ran on a Polaris 600 XC SP showed 115.8 hp at 7900 rpm. Our Nov. 2004 test of Arctic Cat's F6 gave us 118.2 hp at 7600 rpm, and our 2003 Ski-Doo 600 H.O. test showed 119.8 hp at 7800 rpm.

Though this test showed the Fusion 600 slightly below pre-production numbers, we recorded an incredibly even powerband on our long slow pull, proving that it's a solid engine across its rpm range.

The twin certainly has the potential to compete with torquey 600s like the F6 and MXZ 600. The Fusion sustained 77.4 foot-pounds of torque at 7900 rpm, slightly less than the 77.9 ft.-lbs. at 7700 rpm we got on the former 600 XC SP. Our last F6 numbers show 80 ft.-lbs. at 7700 rpm and the REV pulled 80.6 ft.-lbs. at 7800 rpm.

The Fusion has Mikuni TM 38 flat-slide carbs and plenty of room under the hood so aftermarket upgrades and engine tweeking should be easier than on some competitors sleds.
The Verdict
Our stock machine was almost exactly what Polaris promised. Maybe a little less peppy than pre-production ones we tested, but on pace with other 600 class sleds we've had. Remember, not every machine coming off the line is exactly the same. Performance changes slightly from one production run to the next and no two engines are 100% identical.

Also, credit Polaris with a 600 that's 15% cleaner burning than earlier models, has detonation control, PERC reverse and an increased case size and intake.

Will it be the fastest machine on the trails this winter? Maybe, maybe not, but our bet is Polaris will win riders over with a renewed dedication to reliability and this engine's smooth power.

Fusion Test sled provided by Bibben's Sales and Service, Weed Sport, N.Y., (315) 834-6500
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