2006 Apex

Yamaha's new Genesis 150 engine provides muscle for performance crowd
Possibly the most anticipated engine numbers of the year are in!

We've been anxiously awaiting power numbers for the new Yamahas, and here's the dyno report card for the new 150 Genesis that powers the new Apex line.

There's been much discussion over what this new, 998cc 4-stroke could do. The dyno testing gurus at Bender Racing gave us results that show the signature broad 4-stroke power band culminating in peak performance numbers of 149.8 hp at 10,100 rpm. Earlier in the year we got horsepower numbers from Yamaha's own in-house dyno with a 148.1 hp power claim. With both tests showing similar numbers, we believe the engine is pretty darn true to its 150 name!

The higher and longer revving 4-stroke held 100+ hp from 6,900 rpm all the way through the power curve. After our first Apex rides, we knew the Genesis 150 was strong and these numbers give testament to the linear power we first felt on the trails.

We weren't surprised either to see the accompanying torque numbers. The Genesis 150 pulled at over 80 foot-pounds throughout much of the meat of the power curve above 8,200 rpm. While still not quite as torquey as rival 2-strokes, the new Apex's engine is markedly quicker in its throttle response and throws much more engine torque than the RX-1 powerplant did. To compare, AmSnow's December 2002 RX-1 dyno results posted 137.2 hp at 10,400 rpm.

Yamaha certainly is closing the performance gap between 2- and 4-strokes and it might not be long until it's difficult for the average rider to tell the difference by simple throttle response.

These numbers show the Genesis 150 engine is closer to the 2-strokes in performance. But even more impressive is that while improving their engines Yamaha has continued to sheer sled weight, has totally changed the riding position of their machines and has kept options and rider ergonomics a priority on its new models.
Bottom Line
If you ordered a new Yamaha Apex for this season, you won't be disappointed in the power. It is what Yamaha promised, and you'll get 4-stroke fuel economy, reliability and reduced exhaust odor advantages too.

The Apex is the next big test for 4-stroke technology and its ability to compete head-to-head with 2-stroke power. This sled just keeps winding out and is going to surprise many of the big 2-stroke competitors on lakes and trails this winter.
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