2000 Polaris 600 XC SP

We have a new power champ in the 600 class
Polaris begins its second wave of domestic twins this season with apair of variable exhaust-equipped mills, based on the 440 case. If you thoughtthe original 600 domestic had some snort, you'll want to get your throttlethumb all the way into the new 600 XC SP or 600 Touring to give this a try.

Designers have pulled out all the stops on this engine and incorporateevery power-producing gadget in the Polaris pantry. It has variable exhaust,flat slide carbs with throttle position sensors (TPS), a low octane fuelswitch for shady gas, a new thermostat and bypass system for more consistentcooling, and a quiet exhaust resonator. It is nine pounds lighter than theoriginal 600 twin. It can even accept electric start. This engine is loaded.

We knew that the new 600 would be a contender for class honors when wetested it last spring. Dynoman Rich Daly and his crew confirmed it as thestrongest engine in the 600 single pipe class to date. "We knew the600 was strong on the first pull," said Daly. "It was 88 degreesand humid. We ran it with the stock jets just to get a ballpark for wherethe engine would come in and it got 107 hp."

Once the air improved and the engine was jetted to the conditions, the600 twin showed an astounding 115.8 hp at 7900 with 77.9 ft/lbs of torqueat 7700 rpm. We had to double check with Polaris to be sure we were doingthings right. Normal 600 twins with a single pipe don't make that kind ofpower. In 1997, Polaris' 600 XCR triple triple was rated at 117.8 hp.

"Your numbers are maybe a little more generous than our testingnumbers," said Polaris' Bow Crosby. "But they are consistent withprevious dyno tests on our engines."

One last tidbit that Daly pointed out was that the 600 XC SP ran bestat mid- .6 BSFC, which means that it will like to drink its fuel on wide-openblasts. That's the price of power on this motor.

We'd like to thank Bill Bibbens and his staff at Bibbens Sales &Service for coming to our rescue with a test sled. Rt. 31B, Weedsport, NY13166 ยท 315/834-6500.
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