January 2018


January 2018 ISSUE PREVIEW


Six riders, two 600cc sleds, only two opinions.
They're the best! That is often the reason I hear from people who buy big 800cc trail sleds. A large subset seems to gravitate towards only the very top of the line race replica or rough trail or off-trail 800s.

Western Riding

Avy Tech
| Page 36
New airbags are your backcountry lifeline.
Skill, speed and luck all play into the RMSHA circuit. Some of the top athletes in the sledding world compete for King and Queen of this uphill country climbing contest!
We test the newest, biggest mountain sleds on the market.
| Page 42
Plenty of ponies! With 215hp under the hood, the 2017 Photobomber is light, nimble and fun to fly!


First-timer snowmobiles this iconic park. When can you see Yellowstone without the crowds? That was the allure of renting a snowmobile to see the national park at a time of year when the hordes are nonexistent.
| Page 74
Ontario riding never disappoints! Northern Ontario is a winter paradise offering excellent riding.

Long Term Tests

An instant classic. Red hot and it likes to stay that way! The Sidewinder L-TX LE likes to be up in the RPMs, that is where it is comfortable both from a motor and a chassis standpoint. It does not give up maneuverability.
Nothing beats that new sled smell, especially when it comes with a brand new engine to boot!

Regular Reads

It’s the people. That’s what makes snowmobiling great. From the folks my wife and I rode with in Iceland to the owner of the tiny gas station in the middle of nowhere who just stays open in the winter because he loves snowmobiles and snowmobilers. My monthly column is really about little fun snippets I have enjoyed over 37 years of snowmobiling, but all those snippets have a very human element to them.
Page 6
Best of the Best photos
Page 8
What's new, and reader pics!
| Page 68
We want it! And so should you!
Tech Notes
| Page 56
Grabbing, gripping and getting going is what traction products are all about. Every year we install traction products in many of our demo sleds and if money and time were not factors, every trail sled we ever ride would have studs and carbide runners on it for safety and performance.
The 'A' for your 'Q'
| Page 82
The 1970-71 Caribou (Ben-Augus), major utility, but major cool!
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