REVIEW: 2020 Arctic Cat RIOT X

A playful, versatile ride in the powder or on the trail 
2020 ArcticCat RIOT X
While the RIOT sleds were created to be true 50/50 crossover sleds, the RIOT X seems to meet that mark the best with a push at leaning toward the mountain segment. The RIOT X is a ride that can take on hills while also giving great performance on the trail. Our test riders were able to jump, maneuver in deep powder, and sidehill through trees all while taming the moguled mountain access trails.

The first feature riders will notice that indicates Cat’s shift toward the mountain segment is the telescopic vertical steering post. This steering can be put down for the trails, then extended with the 4.5-inch riser for mountain riding. This allows the rider to stand and counter-steer in steep and deep conditions. Additionally, the smaller mountain seat allows the rider to easily swing a leg over for aggressive maneuvering and grants a more comfortable standing position for the rider. Another feature the rider will notice on their first look of the RIOT X is the lack of windshield. The X has a simple 1-inch mountain-height windshield that is standard for ridge riders, but trail riders may find it a bit chilly.
2020 ArcticCat RIOT X
The 8000-Series C-TEC2 engine provides plenty of spin to the 146-inch track with a 2-inch lug. The RIOT X has the narrowest ski stance of the RIOT group with an adjustable 39.5-41.5-inch stance allowing for easier navigation through trees and boondocking with the narrow setting or flying down the trail and railing corners with the wider adjustment. It also shares the lightweight G2 ProClimb 7 Mountain Ski with the RIOT designed for easy steering and deep-snow performance.

The front Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS), coupled with the CROSS-ACTION rear suspension performs well in both mountain and trail situations. And, while this does not react like a trail sled through the chatter and dips of the trail, it is a much more enjoyable ride through the bumps than a mountain sled. The FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 coil-over shocks are also easy to adjust and help diffuse trail chatter and take on bigger bumps.
2020 ArcticCat RIOT X
The RIOT X comes with a host of conveniences including the heated goggle bag that draws heat from the engine to defrost your goggles, a mountain rack on the tunnel, an electric push-button start, and a deluxe digital display.

The RIOT X is a playful ride that maneuvers easily and responds well to rider input. It is a great crossover sled that will allow for lively action off the trail but gives adequate performance on the trail to be a comfortable and enjoyable ride. It would be best suited for those that want to take on deep powder and hill country but need to negotiate lot of trail to get there. Or, for flatland folks that spend a lot of time playing in the powder and looking for hills to climb.

2020 ArcticCat RIOT X
SPECS: 2020 Arctic Cat RIOT X
8000 C-TEC2, 2-Stroke Front Suspension: Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS) w/ Arctic Cat IFP 1.5 or FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 Coil-Over (varies by model) Rear Suspension: CROSS-ACTION w/ 3 Wheel Rear Axle Assembly, Torque-Sensing Link Rear Arm and Adjustable Torsion Springs, w/ Arctic Cat IFP 2.0 or FOX 2.0 ZERO QS3 (varies by model) Ski: G2 ProClimb – 7 in. Ski Stance: 39.5 – 41.5 in. Adjustable Clutch (Drive/Driven): TEAM Rapid Response II / TEAM Rapid Reaction BOSS Brakes: Stealth Hydraulic Master Cylinder Track (WxLxH): 15x146x2 Challenger Fuel Tank: 11.7 gal. Estimated Dry Weight: 525 lbs.

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