REVIEW: 2020 Polaris Titan XC 155 800

A Titan in the crossover class, the XC 155 takes riding to an extreme
2020 Polaris Titan XC 155 800 snowmobile review
Even though it’s a two-up by design, and a powerful utility sled, the Polaris Titan XC handles well enough to carve in the deep snow off-trail.
2020 Polaris Titan XC 155 800 snowmobile review
The toolbox of sleds, Polaris’ Titan XC 155 has more features than the conventional offerings. As a rider, you think you know the sled, but then are astonished when a new component presents itself with each real-world situation.

Polaris categorizes this sled as being in its extreme crossover segment, and for the rider the word “extreme” is the key here. This sled is extremely agile, extremely strong, and offers an extreme amount of options for any rider.

Designed to take on the trails and deep snow, the Titan is extremely buoyant in the powder and able to cut through moguls on the trail. This is due to its Gripper skis, and Titan Articulated Rear Suspension (TARS). The suspension is set up to go from the hills to the roads with ease and can regulate the handling without any adjustments, even when you are carrying a large load or adding an additional rider.

The 20 x 155 x 1.8 in. Cobra track also adds to the athletic nature of the ride and has much more flotation than expected. We like the 1.8-in. lug, which is stiff and performs well both on and off the trail.

In addition, the FOX QS3 clicker shocks offer three settings to allow the rider to easily adjust for snow conditions and the tested and vetted AXYS chassis provides a balanced and nimble ride.
2020 Polaris Titan XC 155 800 snowmobile review
2020 Polaris Titan XC 155 800 snowmobile review profile
Our test riders had a hard time believing this was a 20-in. wide track, as it had the agility and handling of a slimmer sled. Our mountain team tested its deep snow prowess, and were amazed at the ability it had to boondock and maneuver around the mountain.

■ Strength
Some of our favorite features are ones that make this a fantastic workhorse for those that use sleds to get their jobs done.

First, the Titan is not only agile going forward, but it is a monster in reverse. The intuitive suspension allows the rider to back up over anything that may be in its way, with or without carrying a load. And, the Power Boosting regulator allows the electrical power to not be harnessed when at idle and low rpm. This means your seat and hand warmers stay toasty and other accessories continue to work even when the snowmobile is not moving.

As a laborer, this machine is a go-getter with towing and carrying capabilities that lead the segment. I mean this sled can tow a boat, a concert grand piano complete with its player, a polar bear, or anything else that weighs 1,200 pounds.

Strength also is found in other features, including the PowderTrac running boards that are designed with cutouts allowing the snow to clear, and maintain their durability. The ergonomics give your boots maximum traction for both seated and stand-up riding too.

2020 Polaris Titan XC 155 800 snowmobile review
2020 Polaris Titan XC 155 800 snowmobile review
Like many platforms, there are several engine choices, three for the Titan, including the 850 Patriot, 800 Cleanfire H.O. and the 600 Cleanfire. We tested the 800 and found it to be extremely responsive and powerful providing speed in the straightaways, and reliable power to navigate more technical off-road conditions.

There are a host of accessories that are available to customize this sled and make it a dependable work assistant even in changing conditions.

The integrated Lock & Ride Versa Storage Platform allows a rider to easily mount accessories or storage units that will work best for their situation. Some of our favorite accessories include the Lock & Ride Versa Touring Passenger Seat with integrated hand-holds, and the Rear Cargo Box that allows you to easily remove it and transport tools to a closer location, or take your gear inside once you’ve arrived at your destination.

Need more utility? The integrated 1500-lb. winch is an impressive option for the Titan and can be used while the sled is idling.
SPECS: 2020 Polaris Titan XC 155 800
AXYS chassis Engine: 800 Cleanfire H.O. Suspension: Front Shocks:  FOX QS3; Comp. Adj. Piggyback; Front: AXYS Front Suspension, Front Track Shock: FOX QS3 Comp. Adj.; Rear: TITAN Articulated; Rear Track Shock: FOX QS3 Comp. Adj. Starter: Electric Skis: Gripper, PRO-FLOAT Ski Stance: 39-41 in. Drive/Driven Clutch: P-85 / TEAM BOSS Tracks: 20 x 155 x 1.375 in. Ripsaw Full / 20 x 155 x 1.5 in. Cobra / 20 x 155 x 1.8 in. Cobra Fuel/Capacity: 14 gal. Est. Dry Weight: 605 lbs.
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