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2017 Race Replica Sleds

The most high-performance 600cc trail snowmobiles on the market!
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2017 Polaris 600 Rush XCR race replica snowmobile
Because the 2017 Polaris Rush XCR is part Pro-X model and part Pro-S model, it is the best of both Polaris AXYS trail sled worlds. And the 600cc CFI is strong!
Kort Duce photo
Replica is not the right word. That badge seems to imply somehow that these sleds are less capable than other sleds. Actually, these are the most capable, sturdy, abusable, racy and durable 600cc 2-stroke sleds for the trail.

The two remaining U.S.-based snowmobile manufacturers, Polaris and Arctic Cat, are all-in when you look at this small slice of the trail sled market for 2017. Ski-Doo, the lone Canadian manufacturer, really has changed its tune as far as its 600 “race replica” sled goes. BRP no longer offers an X-RS in a 600 motor (like they used to); instead, it quietly did a late introduction of an Iron Dog special to compete against the Cat RR and Polaris XCR. Yamaha has been all 4-stroke for seemingly forever and has not dabbled seriously in any kind of racing for a couple years now, so it doesn’t have a racer-centered sled.

We spent time on both the XCR and the RR, and these will no doubt be few and far between on the trails this winter. The XCR is a somewhat limited build quantity, but it was NOT a spring-buy Snowcheck-only model. The RR was only available in the spring for this season and had a limited build as well. We did not throw a leg over the Ski-Doo Iron Dog Special, yet, so you will not see ride impressions of that sled here; just info.

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