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AmSnow's Real World Powder Sled Evaluation 2017

Rocky mountain snowmobile testing and rider impressions in real conditions
2017 Arctic Cat M 8000 Limited snowmobile Klim
The M 8000 Limited was responsive to rider input and wanted to climb up on the snow quickly. Truth be told, however, we’re more excited about the new Mountain Cat!
Ryan Thompson - RLT Photos
Blizzards, blinding snow, subzero temperatures, unicorn snow and more! We experienced all this and plenty of average conditions during our long-term sled evaluations. We look for varied places in the mountains of Northern Utah and Southern Idaho, taking each manufacturer’s top mountain sleds through the gauntlet to determine what they can and can’t do.

Our test riding team, the Thompson Test Riding Posse (TTRP), rides the AmSnow demo sleds as soon as the snow flies. We devote numerous days in the backcountry
(a tough job, I know). Our evaluations do not come after one day of riding the sled, but after weeks of riding over various conditions the way most mountain sledders ride. So when we give you our conclusions in this mid-season article, you can rest assured knowing that our opinions were not predetermined and the sleds were not pampered.

We also solicited feedback from other riders in our group. During any given week, there are typically 12-15 people that ride with us. All brands are represented, providing a great opportunity to get the most unbiased opinions from women, teens, brand loyalists, and old folks (I am getting there really fast myself).

No matter your preference, all of these 2017 sleds impressed us in the mountains. And, to make our job even more awesome, we had a banner snow year! As I write, we are over 175% of normal snow pack. Riding in deep pow has been the norm (so far) for almost every ride this year.

We won’t delay any longer. Here are the Real World info regarding our group of 2017 powder sleds thus far.

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