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Mountain 4-Strokes Get a Boost from Turbo

Superior torque and track speed help heavier, more reliable sleds climb the hills
2016 Yamah SR Viper M-TX 162 LE MPI turbo 4-stroke snowmobile
Don’t discount the boosted 4-strokes because of weight. But beware: You can’t have baby T. rex arms if you’re going to hold on to this kind of power!
Ryan Thompson - RLT Photos
If there is one thing I have learned while riding mountain backcountry, it’s that having a 4- stroke up there is kinda like changing a tire on the highway. People rubberneck and seem to think out loud, “That poor sucker!”

I own a 2016 Yamaha SR Viper M-TX 162 LE with 3-inch lugs and MPI turbo, and I’ve been on the receiving end of that look. Growing up, I too offered condolences to 4-stroke riders. BUT, the intro of the stock turbo changed everything.  

The stock turbo in the mountain sleds of Yamaha and Arctic Cat is finally the special sauce that smooths the playing field between 2- and 4-strokes. The new 4-strokes can go places the 2-strokes can’t, honestly! They break trail in deep powder, and make your 2-stroke friends jealous when you hit wide-open meadows. Let’s just say if you are feeling sorry for someone on a new boosted 4-stroke, then you evidently haven’t taken the time to ride one.

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