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Hillclimb Racing 101

Think you know everything about the sport of snowmobile hillclimbing? Think again!
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Keith Curtis 711 RMSHA hillclimb racing snowmobile
Keith Curtis is a perennial dominator on the RMSHA circuit. In his 10-year career, he’s notched 168 victories, 35 hillclimb points championships and 63 King titles.
Ryan Thompson - RLT Photos
Hillclimbing is so much more than just drag racing up a steep hill. While there is serious speed involved, the technical aspects are off the charts! It’s hard to explain just how physically and mentally demanding a hillclimb is if you haven’t seen it in person or – better yet – tried it. I have watched riders who are in Olympic shape literally collapse off their sled after crossing the finish line, just trying to catch their breath. Truth be told, adrenaline is what keeps most of them going.

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