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Tiina Duncanson: The Queen of Quick

The woman and family behind That Girl Racing take snowmobile drag racing to a whole new level
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Tiina Duncanson That Girl Racing snowmobile drag
“That Girl Racing” is blasted across the immaculate, airbrushed deep pink hood on Tiina Duncanson’s Pro stock 1000 asphalt drag sled.

The first time I met Tiina, I saw the slogan on her sled and leathers and made the mistake of asking if it was a sponsors’ advertising slogan for a women’s clothing line. Boy was I wrong! Since then, I have been lucky to get to know the members of That Girl Racing, especially at AmSnow’s Annual Super Sled Shootout in Martin, Mich. Here, and at many other races, you can see Tiina’s driving skills in racing action, and the professionalism of her team is top-notch. Over the years, Tiina has taken home three big winner’s checks at Martin: two in All-Motor and one in Pro Stock. She also has a great winning record on the grass drag and ice drag circuits that goes all the way back to 1997. That’s when she first got into the crazy world of straightline racing. She presently sits on top as the most accomplished female straightline snowmobile racer in the world.

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