Shiny Side Up: Wherever I May Roam!

Together we stand
Mark Boncher snowmobile Iceland
Editor Mark Boncher, his wife and their riding buddies in Iceland.
It’s the people.

That’s what makes snowmobiling great. From the folks my wife and I rode with in Iceland to the owner of the tiny gas station in the middle of nowhere who just stays open in the winter because he loves snowmobiles and snowmobilers. My monthly column is really about little fun snippets I have enjoyed over 37 years of snowmobiling, but all those snippets have a very human element to them.

Wherever I roam, we seem to all be connected as a close-knit community of snowmobilers. This is why, now more than ever, we have to give. I am not always talking about money, that obviously helps, and I am working on winning the lotto. But seriously, if you are a heavy equipment operator, give some time to doing grooming. If you are a marketing person, help out with a local club’s social media or website. If you are a lawyer or politician, donate time to help fight the battle against riding areas being closed. Everyone has skills. I see everyday folks doing this constantly at club meetings we can all do our part to keep the community strong. We can’t afford NOT to do this.

I see selflessness everywhere I go in the snowmobile community, but it often goes under-reported. That’s where we come in! Share your stories with us of your unsung snowmobile heroes! Snowmobilers are an incredible group! So at a time when so much seems to be encroaching on our sport, let’s double-down and lock arms and make some personal pledges to do even more.

Oh, and if John Dee, Drew Burgoyne, or any other snowmobile sympathetic weathermen are reading this, can you please work your magic for an incredibly deep winter this year? That’s your part! Kidding … kind of.

- Mark Boncher, Editor
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