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What to Expect at a Snowmobile Dyno Test

3 things you need to know before hauling your sled off to the dynamometer for modifications
Straightline Performance racing snowmobile dyno test
No matter the make, you can always get more out of your sled. To do that, you’ll need a dyno session.
You’ve probably seen us and other snowmobile media use the term “dyno” quite a bit when talking about the horsepower of a snowmobile engine, but a dynamometer machine goes way beyond just measuring power output from an engine.

The dynamometer is a valuable tool for those looking to tune or modify their sleds for the best performance out of them. If you’re looking to add power through aftermarket parts, and you want to make sure you’re squeezing every pony out of what you paid for, a dyno session is a must.

However, you’ll want to be well informed prior to taking this step. Jason Houle owns Straightline Performance, which is one of a very few trusted AmSnow dyno sources. He told us three things you need to know before you dyno. These will help you in your modifying and tuning endeavors.

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